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Create amazing paintings from photos with psykopaint

Psykopaint is a revolutionary software which allows users to create amazing paintings with no skills.

It works by sampling the colors of an image and applying it automatically to your brush, so you don’t need to worry about it and focus on a style you like.

Psykopaint could be described as a mix of Corel Painter and Photoshop on LSD, or maybe the first creative entertainment software or a i’m-a-DIY-awesome-artist-in-5-minutes software, but it is so new and cool that we find it ourselves too difficult to describe on our own.

[ Psykopaint ]

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Hungry-Me Generator

The SNICKERS Hungry-Me Generator gives you the chance to become part of the campaign “You are not you when you’re hungry”. Just upload a picture, adjust the machine and find out who you are when you’re hungry.

Online experience comes with Android app built with AdobeAIR.

Updated (2013-07-26):

Marcel Klammer: The Hungry-Me Generator was built using Starling for Web, iOS and Android.


The little fairy that killed TestFlight

Our new way to beta testing our mobile app.

This is our story moving to TestFairy and how a new world of missing information was reveal to us. That made beta testing much easier.

In the post a giveaway a free ANE that will make testing with test TestFairy even better


ND2D v0.9.13 released (+ best practices howto)

From Lars Gerckens:

“I just released version 0.9.13 of my Stage3D engine. Meanwhile is ND2D in a very good and stable state. All features that I planned to integrate, are implemented and working. It’s very close to v 1.0. So it’s about time to have a little detailed ”best practice and how to“ post. This post is meant for the traditional flash developer who has never touched a GPU (The processor on your graphics card) accelerated environment. There are significant differences in this GPU powered world and you have to think and prepare your assets in a different way, than you used to.”

[ ND2D project ] [ Best practices howto article ]


Hummingbird is the easiest way to build and deploy robust MVC applications for ActionScript 3.0, mobile and the Starling Framework.

Hummingbird is Free & Open Source, released under Simplified BSD License.

With Hummingbird, you can leverage a strong and efficient MVC architecture for cross-platform mobile development: