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New Flare3D 2.5.13 beta is out!

To get an idea of what is possible with this new version, I really recommend you to take a look at this amazing demo made by Jason Huang! He was helping us during the whole testing procees! It’s a quite very GPU intensive, so try it with a nice GPU.

[ Ancient China ]


  • W,A,S,D - movement
  • Drag the mouse to rotate.

Minimum configuration:

  • CPU: Intel E4500 or equivalent
  • GPU: Geforce 9600 or equivalent

Main features:

  • Fullscreen god ray effect
  • Cascaded shadow mapping (3 cascades)
  • Global illumination
  • Vertex vegetation Animations
  • Dynamic reflection, refraction distorting
  • Bloom post processing
  • Practical skin Animations
  • Screen space globe fogging
  • Hemisphere ambient lightning
  • API: Flare3D 2.5
  • Shader tool: FLSL (Flare3D Shading Language)

In the first begining, I did not expect Adobe Stage3D could achieve this, especially having a lot of shader structures. Entire file size of this demo is 3.5MB.

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New Minko ShaderLab preview.

Become a beta tester now!

The ShaderLab is a web application providing a visual programming environment to create, test and share hardware accelerated rendering effects or “shaders”. It benefits from Minko’s optimized JIT compiler to create high speed and lightweight shaders.

Video shows:

  • live 3D preview (0:09)
  • sound spectrum analyzer for animations based on sound (0:20)
  • extraction of floating point values components (0:50)
  • user friendly value items such as color pickers (1:07)
  • customizable GPU states for blending, depth test, etc… (1:20)
  • powerful enough to create fully hardware accelerated particle engines without code (1:25)
  • custom maths functions with rich curve editors (1:37)
  • display compiled shader bytecode for educational purposes (1:52)
  • load and save files from the Aerys online cloud storage (1:55)
  • group operations to create high level functions (2:50)
  • bitmap textures (3:18)
  • change preview 3D model (3:35)
  • create texture animations (3:52)
  • support for multiple textures (4:05)
  • customizable shader name and description (4:15)
  • procedural hardware accelerated animations (4:40)
  • customizable interpolation smoothing (4:50)
  • hardware accelerated procedural textures (5:40)

Other ShaderLab features:

  • access to normalized mouse coordinates
  • parameter bindings with ActionScript code
  • export shaders and import them with a single line of code in any application
  • embed any shader on any website “à la Youtube”
  • save and load files from the local file system

[ ShaderLab video showcase ] [ Become a beta tester! ]


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