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Rock of Ages - Big Hair

“Glam yourself up with an 80’s makeover using the ROCK OF AGES BIG HAIR APP. Choose from awesome 80’s wigs and accessories, take a photo of yourself rockin’ out and share with friends!”


2012-06-03 [ Video showcase ]

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Adobe AIR apps: Pocket Zoo

Pocket Zoo connects you to hundreds of animal webcams in zoos, aquariums, and natural reserves located all around the world.
* Watch your favorite animals, birds and sea life live from dozens of cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other places!
* Get a peek of animals and their cubs in areas accessible only to facility staff!
* Download gallery images of select webcams!
* Watch webcams only viewable on computers until now!
* Did you go to the zoo and couldn’t see your favorite animals in their exhibit? Load Pocket Zoo and watch them live!
* While animals rest at night, watch similar animals on the other side of the world!
* Enjoy viewing animals with your children anywhere!
Pocket Zoo was developed using Adobe AIR in Flash CS6.

Experimental gaming installation which combines touchless and tangible gameplay.

From the authors:

“The game is in fact powered by Flash (AIR 3.2), using a USB Kinect Camera input for object and motion detection (no touch-screen is used). PONK creates a new digital experience by providing an interactive platform combining a 2D playground and 3D real, reactive elements. This air-hockey like game enables players to use the movements of their hands over the screen to control the ball and use reactive tangible objects to interact with the device, creating a highly responsive game. PONK started as experimental project in 2011.”

[ Project website ] [ Video trailer ] [ Photos ]