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Light Trikes at FITC Toronto 2012

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“Flash return” - using Adobe Flash CS / Flash CC / Animate CC and AS3 develop HTML5 applications quickly

Development of HTML5 application / game is very simple and efficient!

  • We use Flash / AnimateCC built AS3 scripts and libraries to develop HTML5, just like the development of flash work.
  • Engine implements to Flash Lite 4 based library functions. Meet the needs of the vast majority of developers. Flash Lite 4
  • All resources are packaged in 1 file, making it easy to deploy and distribute.
  • Source file(swf file) and output file size approaches.
  • WebGL or Canvas2D rendering mode will be automatically selected.
  • “Flash return” examples

Professional Audio Device Configuration/Supervision App

From Ali Raza:

I have designed and developed this application for Desktop Platforms (Windows and Mac) with Italian Engineers for One of Marani Audio’s Hardware Products.
It took 239 Hours to complete this product from scratch, involving areas such as hardware interaction, multithreading, custom designed scaleable ui, caching, data storage, data visualization, realtime chart plotting, and so on.

Available on Windows & Mac*
Application is currently available on windows for all Marani customers. It also works on Mac. However, hardware integration was not done due to lack of Mac based customers.

Custom Hardware Integration
Unlike mobile device features such as camera, accelerometer etc, custom hardware with such scale turned out to be one of the most difficult yet learning wise rewarding programming experiences of my life. Passing values from software to hardware require a delay, e.g. send a value, wait for the response, and then next information. While at the same time there was a serious challenge to keep UI experience fluid, let user make all the changes and then sync those changes with a slow hardware device.
Multi-threaded processes
There are hundreds if not thousands of variables in one screen, affecting each other’s control, as well as chart series. Chart series is not a simple variable change over time but result of some intensive calculations that make application slow when changing slider value which dispatches continuous events and the chart has to show changes in real time. So, I had to put calculation works on a separate thread and update UI based in result by taking care of all the pitfalls of multi-threading programming

Data Visualizations
Audio related operations, filters and components are visualized by plotting charts with multiple series along with annotation. Transparency was used to identify overlapping series.

Scalable UI
Just like Mobile Platforms with different DPIs, I used the same scalable approach for this app, so whether you are on Old School Square Monitor, a Standard Windows Pc, Retina Windows (Bootcamp), Retina Mac, or even a TV screen, you will see the whole app in its full glory without any scroll bars.