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Flash Player and AIR 15 released

In today’s scheduled release, we’ve updated both Flash Player and AIR with new and improved functionality, important bug fixes and security updates.

  • Relaxing Stage3D Render Target Clear
  • Improved support for browser zoom levels – Windows 8
  • Flash Player Fullscreen Orientation Change – Windows
  • Hardware video decoding on Chrome (PPAPI) for Windows
  • Automatic software fall back with StageVideo
  • Stage3D “Standard” profile support for iOS and Android
  • StageText.drawViewPortToBitmapData now supports Retina displays
  • Improved Packaging Engine is now default – iOS
  • AIR Gamepad Enhancements
  • AIR Cross Promotion

Native Extensions: Push Notifications Tutorial

Building a versatile engine in Stage3D

I was able to crank-up the number of quads all the way up in the 10000s (ten THOUSANDS, yes!) and eventually every quads disappears due to exceeding the allowed / max number of vertices in the vertex-buffers. So it seems like Adobe and Google worked closely together to improve the performance of the player *APPLAUSE* Well done!

Billing ANE

New very light and clean Billing extension is out! You can easily turn on Google Play In-App Billing v3 in your apps.

/ Quick post: /
See how Terry Paton is playing around with Stage3D and Flare3D.

Nodality 1.6 Released!

Nodality, the node based image editing and compositing app for iPad, version 1.6 released! New transform nodes, UI refresh and full screen mode.

Nodality is created with Apache Flex, Vitapoly Core Image ANE and Adobe AIR. You can read about the 1.6 release on my blog.