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Panorama Converter

Simple tool for a converting any panorama image in cubemap sides.

It’s pretty simple tool. You choose image, wait while it converts and then save it in three different ways:

1) cubemap horizontal layout

2) zip archive with separate image sides

3) zip archive with images for a further compression with ATF converter.


Crossplatform Adobe AIR app for iOS & Android. The app is 100% Starling and Feathers and overall works very well, performance wise.

Negatives provides a new look for Instagram! Instead of the regular feed Negatives shows you all of your Instagram friends along with each friend’s photos so you can easily follow them and see the new photos they upload. Negatives’ new interface streamlines your Instagram experience by allowing you to easily track your friends photos, explore photos from other users to find new friends, see photos of tags and much more! Your friends’ are ordered chronologically so that the top most friend is the one with the newest photo. The order in which your friends appear will change based on the photos they upload. The photos for each friend are also ordered chronologically so that the left most photo is the newest. Negatives will automatically highlight new photos that you haven’t seen yet with a white frame.


Prefab3D v2 released!

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Emilie is a transmedia romantic comedy that unfolds across multiple media platforms. Along the four webepisodes, the user interacts with the characters using broadcasting and communication tools available today.

Learn how to create appealing and interactive visual presentations of your data in ActionScript


  • Learn how to create various visually dynamic graphs and charts
  • Import data from different sources, such as web services
  • Learn how to map geographical data, visualize in 3D

In Detail

“A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true than when representing large sets of data. Bar charts, heat maps, cartograms, and many more have become important tools in applications and presentations to quickly give insight into complicated issues.

The “ActionScript Graphing Cookbook” shows you how to add your own charts to any ActionScript program. The recipes give step-by-step instructions on how to process the input data, how to create various types of charts and how to make them interactive for even more user engagement.

Starting with basic ActionScript knowledge, you will learn how to develop many different types of charts.

First learn how to import your data, from Excel, web services and more. Next process the data and make it ready for graphical display. Pick one of the many graph options available as the book guides you through ActionScript’s drawing functions. And when you’re ready for it, branch out into 3D display.

The recipes in the “ActionScript Graphing Cookbook” will gradually introduce you into the world of visualization.

What you will learn from this book

  • Import data from various sources
  • Organize the various visual elements of a graph
  • Draw many types of charts, such as bar, line and pie charts, meters and many more
  • Make graphs interactive with hover and zoom effects
  • Work with geographical data and maps
  • Animate graphs with real time data
  • Show and interact with network displays
  • Discover three dimensional drawing and graphing


Step-by-step instructions guide you from your very first graphical program to highly complex 3D presentations.

Although a few recipes explain charts in Flex, this book is firmly focussed on using ActionScript code and data to draw graphs.

Who this book is written for

The “ActionScript Graphing Cookbook” is aimed at any ActionScript developer who wants to add data visualization to their skill set. The reader should be familiar with ActionScript basics, but no deep knowledge of any graphical functions is required.

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From OutsideOfSociety:

“For a recent project there was a need for lots of particles, in Flashplayer 10. Here´s some of the experimentation that came out of that. There are no preloaders, so just wait for something to show(some are quite heavy).”

[ 2x pixels, heightmap/colormap ]

[ 2x pixels, heightmap/colormap shapes ]

[ 1x pixels, heightmap 400x400px ]

[ 1x pixels, morph A (click anywhere to morph) ]

[ 1x pixels, morph B (click anywhere to morph) ]

[ 1x pixels, morph C (click anywhere to morph) ]

[ …and more here ]

Paper Critters

Paper Critters is an independent product and app developed for the iPad. It is a drag-and-drop editor, offering a fun and simple way to design and decorate a paper toy model. The interface was built using the Starling and Feathers frameworks from the Adobe Gaming SDK. Native iOS features such as printing, PDF export, Photo Gallery export, file export, and emailing were achieved with native extensions created with the iOS SDK and Actionscript.

The original and classic digital paper toy creator has arrived on the iPad. Paper Critters offers a fun and simple way to design and decorate a paper toy model for people of all ages. Let your creativity run wild to craft beautiful, cute and cool 3D art pieces! Now available in the Apple App Store and a later release is coming for Google Android tablets.

App Features

  • Choose from themed stencil packs to personalize each toy
  • Real-time 3d preview
  • Interactive gallery
  • Print creations via Air-Print or PDF
  • Pre-saved example toys
  • Export and share your toys via email
  • Get more stencil packs as they are available via in-app purchase!