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The APEXvj Project

With APEXvj you can play songs and see how they behave visually. Just recently we expanded to desktop. APEXvjDesktop has ability to play tracks from SoundCloud, YouTube, Audiotool, Microphone and your hard drive. You can create playlists, adjust visuals and save them.

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Metal Gear Art Studio from demodern

For the 25th anniversary of ˜Metal Gear, the Japanese games publisher Konami has a special virtual interactive gift for fans of the game.

Users are given their own virtual drawing board after registering on artstudio.metalgearsolid.com via their own Facebook or Twitter account.

They can then draw and save for all time their favourite characters from ˜Metal Gear with the aid of a unique set of creative tools. And, to ensure that users achieve the closest possible approximation to the inimitable style of the popular illustrator, the tool simulates the original utensils.

In this way, every creative talent, beginner and professional alike, can imitate the work of their idol and simultaneously enjoy the applause of the fan community as the creative act progresses, because all users have an opportunity to follow the creation of each masterpiece in real time and inspire the artist to new heights with live feed via a chat module.


“Create your own mandala on www.mandala.beyondsinging.com - an amazing experience. Travel through the different sounds and find your inner music.”

[ Video ] [ Create your own mandala ]


Nissan: Pulse Jam on BannerBlog

Pulse Jam is a 16-bit styled rhythm based web game that ran as an expanding masthead on YouTube Players of Pulse Jam earn points and progress through different landscapes and levels by tapping the space bar in time to the synthesised soundtracks.