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Adobe AIR games: Kulki64

Originally game was made by Jarosław Lewandowski in 1995. Game was not working on 64bit platform. That’s why we created Adobe AIR version (clone of the game) for 64bit Windows, and after that we decided to rewrite it with Starling and publish it for Android system.

Android version created with Starling and Feathers.

Polish version is for Windows PC and Android. English version only for Android.

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Exception tracking ANE for Android and iOS

Exceptions is an AIR Native Extension to enable a global exception handler for iOS and Android.

This will catch and store information about crashes of your application allowing you to process them on the next application run. In using this extension you can report crashes and errors in your application to your own error logging server.


  • Catch exceptions
  • Process exceptions on startup
  • Single API interface - your code works across supported platforms with no modifications
  • Sample project code and ASDocs reference

Stage3D in Brief

Stage3D API is a part of Flash API since Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR 3.2 release. It is built on top of OpenGL and Direct3D APIs to give you a crossplatform access to the GPU. Stage3D API supports: OpenGL, Direct3D9, Direct3D11. It means that each gpu call is translated for the running device and shader bytecode is compiled into the native shader language for the current device. The name “Stage3D API” means the bunch of classes in Flash API for working with GPU. Stage3D class gives you an access to Context3D which represents a rendering surface.


Adobe AIR cross-platform inspiration: Ask Russell

Ask pro quarterback Russell Wilson about his on- and off the field dreams to start the conversation with this voice controlled app. Hours of content, unlocked by queries and questions across iOS and Android.