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FWA Site Of The Year 2011:

1 Year Long Global Competition
365 Site Of The Day Winners
12 Site Of The Month Finalists
42 International Judges
2 Rounds of voting
1 Site Of The Year Winner

The FWA Site Of The Year 2011, winner:

The Museum of Me

Description: A visual archive of your social life.

Museum of Me has been built fully with Flash Player 10.

About FWA:

“FWA stands for Favourite Website Awards, an industry recognised internet award program and inspirational portal, established in May 2000.

FWA is the most visited website award program in the history of the internet, with over 140 million site visits as of July 2011 (and multiple billion hits to our servers).”

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SoundAS - A modern SoundManager for AS3

The goals of SoundAS are:

  • To simplifying playback of your audio files, with a focus on easily transitioning from one to another, and differentiating between SoundFX and Music Loops.

  • To provide a strongly typed, performant SoundManager, with a clean and focused API

  • To provide an open-source SoundManager in version control, so the community can contribute, and continue to maintain it going forward.

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Chillingo Announces Worldwide Launch of Iron Force

Iron Force is built with Stage3D/AdobeAIR.

The game debuted in Russia last month and earned critical acclaim from gamers by quickly climbing to the top of the App Store charts. Since then,Iron Force players have fought nearly 1.5 million matches and fired 15 million shells throughout their fierce battles.



HockeyApp ANE

ANE library for testing HockeyApp system in applications for iOS.