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ExhibitCore 3D viewer made with Flash Player 11 / Stage3D

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Online SWF to SVG Converter

Upload your SWF files and watch it become SVG very quickly. Navigate through frames and generate SVG for specific frame. Zoom in and out as you like and hit save to download the output file. This is a free to use SWF to SVG online converter.


Adobe AIR apps: Leonor Matheus - Jewelry Designer

Discover the universe of jewelry designer Leonor Matheus with this application.

Dowload: iOS, Android


Interference - An Interactive Digital Series

Interference is an interactive digital series for the CTV undercover police drama Played that invites users to interact with the members of the show’s C.I.U (Covert Investigations Unit) by using their mobile phone, computer and Facebook account to help them navigate out of deadly circumstances. In doing so, the user becomes a key character in the narrative, and upon the completion of Interference a personalized trailer is unlocked that users can share across their social networks to entice others to play. (via SecretLocation)


Stage 3D lab: Virtual 3D Earth

Virtual 3D Earth uses the Facebook API to show where your friends are on the planet.

Click the ‘Login’ button to connect to your Facebook account.

From author:

It was built using Away3D, the AS3 facebook API , Yahoo Placefinder API, and also used the Spline class from Nicolas Barradeau’s wonderfull Away3D post.