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Tour De Animate: Configurator with custom color picker

With a color picker and a 3D model, this sample demonstrates how you can build a configurator with Animate CC.

Although real 3D is not (yet) an option for Animate CC based web projects, this cutting-edge sample demonstrates how you can use exports from Cinema 4D via Illustrator CC to animate 3D models with Animate CC. It is a good example of how creative tools work together. But the sample has more to offer: To make it even more interesting, this sample includes a color picker component and a customizer script, that allows you to modify parts of the model in real time! The customizer script works with plain two dimensional graphics as well of course, waiting for your next project, maybe…

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Facebook For Games Library

The Facebook For Games Library is an extension of the Facebook Actionscript API (packaged within the library as some changes needed to be made) which facilitates the process of authenticating and user log-in within your Facebook web games. It takes care of all the grunt work of logging in the user, if they are not logged in already, and then having the user authenticate your game ( all pretty much a single, swift process.)

Once your game is authenticated, you now have access to the game’s and user’s scores. The library also makes it extremely easy to save the score to Facebook and to share or post it to the user’s wall.


Gestouch: Multitouch gesture recognition library for Flash

Gestouch is a ActionScript (AS3) library that helps you to deal with single and multitouch gestures for building better NUI (Natural User Interface).


  • Pretty neat architecture! Very similar to Apple’s UIGestureRecognizers (Cocoa-Touch UIKit)
  • Works with any display list hierarchy structures: native DisplayList (pure AS3/Flex/your UI framework), Starling or ND2D (Stage3D) and 3D libs
  • Doesn’t require any additional software (may use runtime’s build-in touch support)
  • Works across all platforms (where Flash Player or AIR run of course) in exactly same way
  • Extendable. You can write your own application-specific gestures
  • Open-source and free

[ Project page ] [ Gestouch examples ]


Async GIF decoder

Async GIF decoder - an ActionScript 3 library that lets you play GIFs in flash without freezing the UI.

It’s inpired by by Lee Burrows’ Async-Image-Encoders, based on Thibault Imbert’s as3gif.