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Adobe AIR games: Stratolitaire

This new card game concept is unique and exclusive and easy to understand and accessible to all! If you know how to count up to 13, you can play Stratolitaire!

Uses: Starling, Feathers, Milkman games and Distriqt ANEs.

Actionscript Workers example: Julia fractal renderer

Tutorial: Turn a sketch into an animation

Create a vector shape on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device from a sketch with Adobe Capture CC. Then, animate your character with Animate CC for use in an animatic or an animated movie.


Pedometer is a native extension for iOS to fetch pedestrian-related data. The extension requires a device able to collect and provide pedestrian data, which is available in the iPhone 5s and up. Using the extension a developer can query pedometer data between a start and end-date, as well as use events to monitor any data change: a basic event is fired when pedometer data is available within the specified range. The event has the total number of steps, the total distance in meters and the number of floors ascended and descended.

It is also possible to start and stop the pedometer with live updates about the number of steps, the distance and the number of floors ascended and descended. The extension comes with an example showing all the functionalities and future updates are free of charge.


Apache Flex / Adobe Air library to make ease to work with Workers

No more burden to create an other project and / or an extra SWF for your Worker, everything is in-memory, don’t deal anymore with MessageChannel and other low level API, use Thread an Events.

Includes all the used classes and nothing more (except if you want to), register for you your typed object to pass them back and forth the Worker.

Makeatlas - simple tool to pack a texture atlas

MakeAtlas is a tool for creating packed textures.

It’s a free alternative to TexturePacker for Starling.