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Adobe AIR games: Blood Battles

This application leverages Adobe Air SDK (v21), Starling Framework (v1.8) and the 3RD Sense LaunchPad Application Framework.

Developed by: 3RD Sense Pty Ltd
Client: South Western Sydney Local Heath District
Released: 14th April, 2016

Download: iOS, Android

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Push Notifications ANE released

This extension enables the use of Push Notifications on your device using the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service. The simple API will have you up and running with push notifications in just a few lines of code. Identical code base can be used across all platforms without any platfrom specific code, allowing you to develop once and deploy everywhere!


OpenSurf algorithm ported from C++ to AS3

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Social Network Racer.
First branded Facebook game from Toyota.

Made with Flash Player 11.

[ Play game ] [ Video #1 ] [ Video #2 ]


“Party, Tokyo promotes a mysterious new Toyota car with Social Network Racer. Housed on the Facebook platform, the 3D Flash games lets users "race” the new car around a challenging track–the curves of which are created out of the letters of their own names. The app pulls in info like Facebook photos and friend updates to create the surrounding environment, including billboards, tunnels and other signage. Players can also rack up points to get boosts, race against friends and host races. Eventually, a championship will determine a winner that gets to go to Japan to see the concept car in real life.“