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Environment and Refraction in Alternativa3D

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Adobepedia is a free educational mobile application (Android, BlackBerry Tablet and soon iOS). Integrates more than 1600+ Adobe related blogs (including FlashDaily), Youtube and Twitter API to explore a wide range of news, posts, tutorials, tips'n'tricks, videos, sneak-peaks, announcements and tweets from Adobe and its community.

Adobe feeds

  • With help of this application you can read news, tutorials, tips'n'tricks and discussions regarding Adobe related technologies through spanning over 1600+ Adobe specific blogs.
  • You can read most recent posts regarding Adobe technologies, page through them, and even filter them based on a single technology or product. You can also read most popular posts appearing during the last week, last month, last year etc. Instead of reading news from all blogs, you can browse through most popular or most prolific blogs and then read the posts of your selected blog.
  • It can display search history and you can also search about any Adobe related topics and sort the results by relevance and by date.

  • If you like to read tweets regarding Adobe technologies then there are official accounts which you can sort alphabetically, by followers or by tweets. After selecting a single account, you can read tweets, retweets or favorites.

  • You can browse official Adobe channels, sort them alphabetically, by subscribers and by views. Select a channel and watch videos or filter them by view count, ratings, or published date.

Application has been designed and developed using Adobe tools including Adobe Flex, AIR and Illustrator.

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