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Social Network Racer.
First branded Facebook game from Toyota.

Made with Flash Player 11.

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“Party, Tokyo promotes a mysterious new Toyota car with Social Network Racer. Housed on the Facebook platform, the 3D Flash games lets users "race” the new car around a challenging track–the curves of which are created out of the letters of their own names. The app pulls in info like Facebook photos and friend updates to create the surrounding environment, including billboards, tunnels and other signage. Players can also rack up points to get boosts, race against friends and host races. Eventually, a championship will determine a winner that gets to go to Japan to see the concept car in real life.“

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Victorinox Festival Ready app

2013-08-22 update:

Victorinox Festival Ready (video)

‘Victorinox Festival Ready’ is a cross platform app that aims to stay true to the spirit of Victorinox but providing a selection of useful, context free digital tools for the modern adventurer.

As a festival companion mobile app, it enables you and your Facebook friends to create and share pins of your favourite locations; your tent, friends, stages, or any cool place you discover. You can find you way to all these places using the in-camera 3D View or the traditional Map View.

Other tools include an LED Message Display so you can send visual messages to the world when you can’t be heard, as well as a Sound Flare to make sure every knows - and hears - where you are.

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Fullscreen Baby

Make your iPad & iPhone come alive with Fullscreen Baby! Fullscreen Baby is a pet simulation game for children and adults who like cute animations and emotions. Interact with your baby by drawing secret seals on screen and make things come alive. Grow your baby into a healthy, heavy, handsome, pretty one.

Technical info:

“Game is built with plain AS3 (non Starling, using traditional Flash display list),  Adobe Air 3.8.
Older devices like iPod 4 are supported with GPU mode while others are running in CPU mode to render the vector animation in SWF faster. Animations are done in Flash professional.

forceCPURenderModeForDevices tag is used to handle rendering of old and new devices. With some light effort of optmizing, the game run nicely from ipod 4, iphone 5 to the latest retina iPad. TweenMax and Nape engine are both used in the game where performance is still reasonable on iOS. Gamekit and UIWebView ane are also used in the app for multiplayer gaming and promotional annoucements.