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BCI - Chile Digital 2015 faire

A complete digital setup for a two day faire in Santiago de Chile built with Unity3D, Adobe AIR. Two Oculus RIFT and a windows 7 kiosk also where used, in addition to that I built an Adobe AIR app with a small trivia game.

The idea was to show a BCI (bank here in Chile) world where users could see the future projections of the brand in terms of innovation and technological improvements. The kiosk shown the over mentioned world rotation and it’s regions with info on each of them, and the oculus terminals where located on the far orbit of the world with satellites representing mobile apps that where opened each time the user collided their view with one of them.

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Namide - Flash 3D world


This world is an interactive experience. Namide tries to create a universe with an original navigation and graphic design. The inspiration comes from games and generative art.

Technical details:

This world is generated by algorithms (except for the 3D rabbit and the portrait rabbit): Thereby it is very light (<150ko) and the graphism is emergent.

The 3D engine used is Minko. For example, the 3D model of the ground is generated by a Perlin noise (you can see an example in this post) and the texture with a colored Perlin noise.

The shaders create a colored fog when the user is in the forest, and a white fog when the user is in the clouds; In addition they displaces grass, particles and foliages.