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New tutorial on getting started with Flare3D

From LeeBrimelow:

“I just uploaded a new tutorial that shows you how to get started with the Flare3D engine. Flare3D is one of the most polished and easy-to-use Stage3D frameworks. In the tutorial I import a 3D character and get it move around the world. I plan on doing more tutorials on this engine including how to prepare your 3D models.”


DragonBones 4.1 released

We have two parts of updates.

The 1st part is DB AS Library. We introduced FastArmature to great improve performance about 300% in Starling framework. The secret of FastArmature is that it remove the animation mixing feature and add animation cache (back from 3.0). You can download it here.

The 2nd part is DB Pro the animation editor. We add Curve Editor, Onion skin tool and IK pose tool. You can download it here.


Building GPU-Accelerated Mobile Application Interface with Starling & Feathers

Joseph Labrecque:

Apache Flex is great for application UI… but it isn’t GPU-accelerated :( New versions of Adobe AIR perform quite spectacularly on mobile and really blaze when tapping into the device GPU. If your mobile application requires this sort of performance – there is a solution to be found in the Starling framework along with Feathers (a fully-skinnable, open source component and layout framework)! This session will demonstrate how to use Feathers to create great, performant mobile interfaces for not only games but applications as well!