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Adobe AIR inspiration: Wayfinder

Shopping Centre in Bergen Norway. It’s an AS3 AdobeAIR app with real-time 3D rendering.

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Adobe AIR now supports x86 Android

During the last few months, several device manufacturers have released Intel Atom based mobile phones and tablets. Momentum has been developing in the market for x86-based Android tablets, and with Intel committing that there will be 40 million tablets shipping by the end of the 2014, we knew the time was right to deliver native AIR support.

We have been listening to our AIR developers and we are very excited to announce support for packaging of AIR applications for Intel x86 based Android devices. This support will allow AIR developers to directly target the x86 Android platform, providing the best performance possible from their AIR applications.

With this new support, developers will be able to package their applications in both shared and captive modes. The AIR Runtime application with x86 support will be published on the Google Play Store, and will receive regular updates in sync with our other supported platforms. This capability will soon be available in the AIR SDK on Adobe Labs, so check back soon! The final version will be made available in one of our upcoming major releases.

The Adobe AIR platform is stronger than ever.  Today, Adobe AIR powers more than 50,000 unique mobile applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These applications have been installed more than a billion times by users across the world. By adding support for x86 based devices, our developers will be able to reach out to even more users, thereby making their applications succeed in this highly fragmented space.



Frog Flick

Frog Flick for Android/iOS was built with Starling and FeathersUI. It integrates with the leaderboards, achievements and In-App purchasing of both Android and iOS. Also, user’s can share high scores via Facebook and Twitter.