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UnderArmour Interactive Installation

A small system built to the opening of the first UA store here in Chile. I was commissioned to do a punchbag installation where users could test their strength by hitting it and getting into a ranking to win a prize at the end of the night.
To avoid registration I coded a mobile site connected with the AIR app using socket.io, using their facebook accounts we where able to use that data to get a profile photo, and their names into the UI of the application. The queue of people was managed by scanning a unique barcode on their phones that activated every turn after validation of it with the database
Wireless connectivity was achieved by using an Arduino FIO and XBEES to transmit the maximum acceleration on every kick or punch. A custom shield allowed me to secure the accelerometer and the battery to resist the abuse during 3 hours of use, foam inside of the case was added to help with the insulation from hits.

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