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The Mad Race

A Soap Races style racing game with amazing stunts and crazy cars. 30 challenging levels with different missions. Economics and upgrades system. Each vehicle has its own specs, physics, handling. A garage where you can purchase new vehicles and upgrade different specs.

Download: iOS, Android

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Flare3D AGAL2 Online Demo & Source code

A few days ago we showed you some screenshots of a new demo that we made to show the power of the new AGAL2 features added in AIR/Flash 14 . Finally, we published the demo including full source code! The code is available in Github and with this demo we officially open Flare3D Labs!

Take this just as a base experiment to play with!, we’ll continue working on this, specially to better integrate it with the engine pipeline and build a proper workflow for it…right now is a bunch of nice and very fun custom rendering stuff but it already shows lots of possibilities, and having already available things like depth and normal buffers, just opens the door for a lot of really interesting effects.

Even though I tried to add some bits of comments through the code, I know it may contain some pieces of rough math , so please, fell free to ask anything you want, or post FPS or suggestions, or anything
BTW, for those who want to compile it for mobile, it already has the multitouch interface

It requires FP14 on desktop, and AIR15 with -swf-version=26 on mobile.


FarmVille2 - developed entirely in 3D with Flash11

“FarmVille 2 is available in 16 languages, marking the first time a FarmVille game is available outside of English. Languages at launch include: English, Danish, Arabic, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and traditional Chinese. The game is also Zynga’s first to be developed for Adobe Flash Player 11 utilizing Stage 3D technology. This innovative technology brings gameplay to a new level and allows players to draw a deeper emotional connection to the farms they create.”

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Making of:

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Unity Technologies Releases Unity 3.5

Unity 3.5 update provides a long list of additions and improvements:

  • Effects
    New in Unity 3.5, the highly optimized Shuriken particle system provides artists and programmers with complete control over particle-based visual effects. Shuriken is a curve and gradient-based modular editor, with hierarchies and sequencing capabilities that allow for many particle systems to stay synchronized.

  • Pathfinding and Obstacle Avoidance
    Improvements to AI provide accurate pathfinding along complex pathways and natural movement through crowds. Game developers can bake navigation data in the editor and let Unity’s high-performance path-finding and crowd simulation take over at runtime.

  • Lighting and Rendering
    Developers can create jaw-dropping visuals with linear space (gamma correct) lighting and HDR rendering, and render them faster than before with Unity 3.5’s brand new multi-threaded renderer.
    Also new to Unity 3.5, light probes add life and realism to lightmapped scenes without the high cost of typical dynamic lights. The addition of light probes to Unity’s lighting system allows for baked lighting on characters and other dynamic objects.

  • New Platforms
    Unity 3.5 supports Native Client as a new deployment platform. Native Client allows for near native speeds within the Chrome browser, without the need for installing the Unity Web Player. Unity 3.5 also ships with the preview release of the Flash deployment add-on, which has already been used by 50,000 developers.

  • Performance Improvements
    Unity 3.5 includes a completely re-written integration of Umbra’s occlusion culling system. The result is incredibly fast and works with terrains and dynamic obstacles such as doors. When combined with Unity’s new built-in level-of-detail support, it gives large-scale games the performance boost that they need.

  • Better Collaboration Tools
    The Asset Server license, Unity’s add-on for teams and collaboration, has been enhanced with new features that add greater performance and flexibility. The addition of Unity’s cache server dramatically speeds up collaboration on projects of all sizes, and a new developer API for third-party version control solutions, such as Subversion and Perforce, allows larger teams to work more efficiently. To reflect these changes, the product has been renamed the “Team License,” and made available as an add-on for all Unity users.

  • Additional Improvements
    The update includes other improvements such as a new GPU profiler, a fully pluggable Social API to implement social gaming, and low-level audio buffer access to create music games, and directional lightmaps support to name but a few. For a complete list of additions and improvements, please visit http://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new.

[ Download Unity 3.5 ] [ What’s new ]

[ Adobe Flash Player and Developer Preview ]