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Starling 1.6 released

Daniel Sperl:

This is a very special release for me. While the last few versions contained mainly polishing and optimizations, this one comes with a major new feature that makes entirely new games possible, and it makes full use of some of Adobe’s very latest Stage3D improvements.

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Avengers: Global Chaos: Flash and Unity project

This project was completely a while ago but it took a while for me to get an okay from to post about the development of this project. Its a pitty that it was done as a flash game in a time when the platform lost its glory. But I hope that you enjoy this write up and screenshot collection of behind the scenes as I think there are several unique techniques and ideas used for the development that I haven’t come across myself before elsewhere.

The game was built using the Starling framework. Nape physics was used for the engine, andDragon Bones for the character animations. For the levels we used the Unity Editor that allowed us to export the levels into AS3 code, that would then compile into the game engine.
A special build of ShoeBox repacked Dragon Bones and level sprites into master sprite sheets.

The game features 13 Levels, 13 unique enemies, over 240 sounds effects, more than 170 lines of dialogue and about 250 painted sprites.


Away3D 4.1 Beta and Away Builder 0.9 Alpha released

Features & Improvements

As well as what seems like an endless list of bugfixes, the release has seen a string of new features added. Most notable are spritesheets animators and a constrained mode option for shaders, the former being a feature that can sync with your spritesheets created via Flash CS6 etc, the latter an option for those wanting to maximise their hardware acceleration reach while sacrificing a little on visuals. Improvements to the shadow options, scene partitioning and shading are also present, offering more options and an optimised render pipeline for those processor-hungry scenes.

Away Builder 0.9.0 Alpha

Away Builder has been created from the ground up to provide a better link between 3D design and development. Essentially, Away Builder is a designer interface for accessing the visual stack in Away3D. Anything you can do in Away3D you can do in Away Builder, although right now (due to our Alpha status) this is restricted to covering materials, textures, lights, meshes and geometry.