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Find Your Essence

A digital experience dedicated to perfume lovers.

This experience offers you the chance to play and combine the ingredients and families, adjusting their dosage in total freedom to create your own formula. You can share your creation with your friends, save it or even start over.

Get creative:

  • Choose your ingredients from 9 olfactive families
  • Refine and add more ingredients
  • Participate and submit your creation to the contest
  • View the creative gallery

What you can do:

  • Create your digital fragrance formula
  • Share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Save your formula on PDF format
  • View your creation in the creative gallery
  • Download the goodies
  • Listen to the music of each family of ingredients
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Note: Made with Flash Player 10 (not using Stage3D).

Short review from WeAreMultiPlayer:

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This ANE integrates important aspects of the native Parse SDK that cannot be accessed via the REST API, mainly the push notifications registration process.


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