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WorldGameMaker: early alpha video preview of a Game&App editor for Stage3D ND2Dx

This is a video of a very early alpha stage of WorldGameMaker. I’m currently in the process of re building it. I had a quite stable version before this one but as the architecture of ND2Dx has changed quite a lot, I had to rethink the way the editor manages its resources, the nodes and the components. Also, I changed the file format from xml to a byte format as it is much smaller and faster to load (especially on mobile devices).

Why Flash?

Well, because I think it is the best, most mature and features packed multiplatform tool at the moment. Stage3D offers a quite decent performance boost on desktop and mobiles.

Why not HTML?

I need to concentrate on one platform but I do really keep HTML in my mind. I’ll just see how things evolve as I would really like to keep flash as its main target.

And Haxe?

Also thinking about this one but I think more people are still into AS3 at the moment.


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How we create world’s largest interactive wall

We’ve built an interactive 340 meter long LED screen using Flash and PlayerIO.

We built a simple twitter wall using either a projector or a monitor and build a prototype twitter game using Flash and a PHP back-end (later we change our back-end to Player.IO, more about this later). The reason behind this is because building games in Flash is not only quick and easy, but we can also publish our projects to multiple platforms (web, iOS, and Android) using Adobe AIR. We built the game in AS3 and uses the Vector graphics DisplayList.


Promises/A+ compliant implementation in ActionScript 3.0

promise-as3 is an ActionScript 3.0 implementation of the Promises/A+ Specification. Its implementation is derived from thepromise.coffee object oriented CoffeeScript reference implementation.

It is fully asynchronous, ensuring that the onFulfilled and onRejected callbacks are not executed in the same turn of the event loop as the call to then() with which they were registered.

It supports foreign promises returned by callbacks as long as they support the standard Promise then() method signature.


[ Stage3D 360° Panorama Player ]

360° Panorama Player is a Flash/AS3 Panorama Viewer that uses the new Stage3D features in Flash Player 11, it uses graphic card for rendering and that makes it very fast and highly responsive. It supports cube and spherical (equirectangular) panorama images. And you can add clickable hotspots inside panorama to make panorama tours.

It is XML driven player so u can setup your panoramas with just editing the panorama xml file.


Light Baking with Flare3D from Jason Huang:

After 1 month working, I finally finished the preview of light baking feature of Flare3D. It includes:

  • multiple lights (point, directional)
  • diffuse baking
  • soft shadow baking
  • fixed UV edge feature.

It runs using fully GPU, feel free to check it out.

Blog post source: Stage3D Group on Facebook