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Penthouse Pool 3D

Penthouse Pool 3D is a billiards simulation with real physics and amazing 3D graphics. You can enjoy a high quality 3D experience powered by Away3D.

The development approach used the 3DS model format for complex game objects like the table, and the built-in primitive geometries such as SphereGeometry for simpler elements like the balls. Textures are a mixture of .jpg and .png files, and are reused wherever possible to keep the initial load footprint down.

For a smooth physics simulation, movement is kept in the X/Z plane allowing Box2D to be used as the physics engine. A shot can have spin applied, and can be viewed from several angles before it is taken, as well as having a intuitive indicator for predicted ball collisions which helps line up your shot. All in all, Penthouse Pool 3D is a great upgrade to an already solid game and shows exactly what 3D can add to an overall game experience.



New awesome Starling project from our chinesse friend Qi Donghui:

AcheGesture - Opensource Gesture Framework for Flash


  • Provide seven based gestures, include: Tap, Double Tap, Pinch, Pan, Swipe, Rotate and Long press.
  • Each gesture of the framework can be config, “Long press” for example, can config time threshold for recognition.
  • Handle conflict between different gestures, like one gesture recognition requeres another recognition to fail(requireGestureRecognizerToFail), recognition priority, simultaneous effect and so on.
  • Use callback function to send different state of the gestures(discrete gestures and continuous gestures), gestures’ state includes:recognized, possible, failed, began, changed, ended and cancelled.
  • Extendable, AcheGesture framework can be extended for new gesture-recognizers according to the projects use GestureRecognizerPlugin, and certain gesture-recognizers can be activate when needed.
  • Free and open source, can be used under any circumstances



CitrusEngine goes Stage3D with Starling

With new version of the CitrusEngine a new view has been added to target the Flash Player 11, using Starling. It also includes a Level Manager and an abstract class to store the game’s data. This is the first beta of the Citrus Engine V3.

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Nissan Juke custom application at the Geneva Motoshow

At the occasion of the Geneva Motorshow 2013, D2NA-Digitas France and Nissan Europe present a new customization device for the Nissan Juke. The app allows discovery and 3D personalization of the vehicle with a never equaled degree of precision and realism|

Application: Online
Source: Blog post


Adobe AIR games: The Button Game

@Zwick: “1 idea, 2 friends, 3 years, 900 commits, 23.000 lines of code, 1 baby, 2 engagements, 1 wedding, 2 continents and hundreds of hours in development. That’s our game.”

Download: iOS, Android


Clipsal iSelect

See how Clipsal’s electrical products will look in your room designs right now.

Using your iPad, simply take a photo of the rooms in your home or take them directly from Clipsal iSelect, then drag and drop your choice of Clipsal products into the image. From stunning architecturally designed switches and power outlets to lighting and ceiling fans - there is sure to be a Clipsal electrical solution that perfectly complements your home and interior décor.

You can even share your inspirations and ideas with your Facebook friends for their feedback. Create and compare multiple rooms and projects. Register to save an itemised digital planner for discussion with your Clipspec consultation, architect or builder.. Put simply, Clipsal iSelect gives you the power to choose and make the right choice for your home electrical.

Technical details:

Clipsal iSelect start from just a desktop application (Adobe Flash), and we were requested to move the app into mobile devices (Adobe AIR).

In this app, we haven’t really used Stage3D API (due to it was an old project and start from just purely displayObject….), either any ANEs.

Greensock was implemented for Tweening, and other technique been used heaps are Bitmap Blitting to help the app performance.


Tutorial: Get your AIR app in the iOS 8 Share Menu

Hint: takes 15-20 minutes and does not require an ANE.