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Google Analytics Native Extension for Adobe AIR

Are you players getting frustrated and abandoning your app on the third level? How long does an average gameplay session last? Is your push notification campaign driving your sales? Would your in-app purchases be more profitable if you showed a promotion before or after a level is completed?

The answers to these types of questions can give you invaluable insights to make your iOS and Android games more fun, more engaging, and more profitable- and the full power of the Google Analytics mobile suite is available to you with the Google Analytics Native Extension for Adobe AIR iOS and Android!

Adobe AIR games: Solitaire Palast

German online card games developer Spiele-Palast GmbH has released their latest Adobe AIR title: Online Solitaire.

We have reached 32nd place in Android download charts as well as 25th place in iTunes download charts in Germany with 1,300 players online in peak hours and we are excited to see how it goes from here.

Download: iOS, Android

Math-Possible - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

From App developers:

We were determined to release an App with Flash CC / Flash Builder.  We did want to spend a year building a simple math game. So, after some looking around, we decided that the fastest way to release our math game was to have a flash math engine build already.  With an already large flash community at our disposal we knew we are bound to fine a math engine out there. We finally found it on ActiveDen.net.

For $10, we were able to purchase a starting point that saved us 2 months of development.  We then use Flash CC to Animate and Flash Builder to make the tweaks it needed.

After only 3 months of development, Math-Possible was released.