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Adobe AIR games: Stratolitaire

This new card game concept is unique and exclusive and easy to understand and accessible to all! If you know how to count up to 13, you can play Stratolitaire!

Uses: Starling, Feathers, Milkman games and Distriqt ANEs.

EVOFLASH is a group of flash coders. Authors of 99er, ADHDTV, Who Killed Travolta?, Spiral out and some others. Demoscene is in da building!

packageManager Extension for AIR V1.2

PackageManager Extension makes AIR app developers dreams come true, now you as an Adobe AIR developer have access to all of the installed apps on device, install, uninstall and get any app icons using some simple methods in AS3.
Now AIR developers can do much more in their apps and access the information that were not possible to access before.

High quality car visualization

[ Audi A6 visualization ] [ More.. ]