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2014 Team USA Road to Sochi App

Official TeamUSA mobile app for Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games powered by Adobe AIR / Adobe Flash as cross-platform app for iOS & Android smartphones & tablets.

“The official Team USA 2014 Road to Sochi application provided by the United States Olympic Committee. The app will follow the making of Team USA and the athletes’ results and experiences in Sochi during the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Key features of the application include,

  • Daily updates of who is making the team
  • Unique and timely editorial content on competing athletes and sports served daily
  • Athlete social media links and custom-made “cheer” button which enables users to send personal messages to athletes via Facebook and Twitter
  • In-depth athlete bios, photo galleries and video clips, and a ”“My Team USA”“ section which allows user to customize the feeds from their favorite athletes
  • Ability to donate to Team USA or support the team by purchasing official Team USA gear”

Used ANE’s:

  • com.distriqt.Adverts
  • pl.mateuszmackowiak.nativeANE.NativeAlert

Technical details:

App was built by the1stmovement, uses GPU mode and the Flash displaylist, and libraries include RobotLegs, SwiftSuspenders, qnx.ui, greensock tween libs, google analytics, facebook, twitter, and others


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Adobe MAX 2013
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Preconference Training:
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Renaun Erickson and Andy Hall, Gaming Evangelists at Adobe will:

  • Show you how to use Adobe Scout to help find bottlenecks and analyze memory, rendering, GPU usage and more
  • Demonstrate how the Flash C++ Compiler can help you build or take advantage of established C++ libraries
  • Dive under the surface of Stage3D based libraries (Starling, Away3D, Feathers), and learn what’s going on at the AGAL/shader level, and how you can tweak it
  • Walk through the latest player and tool features for fine tuning web and mobile game content, such as workers, packaging, debugging, asset management, and more