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AS3 Sorcerer: AS3 decompiler for Windows

Latest version is 2.50. Released on January 16, 2014.

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Local Cache Loader

We are delighted to share this very handy open source library that we are leading it’s development. It enables local cache for Adobe Air. We are using it in a lot of our projects and we’re sure you’ll find it useful too.

LocalCacheLoader is an Adobe Air library written in AS3. this library allow caching content (such as swf ,images ,data file etc…) to the local file system.

The library is fully compatible with Loader / URLLoader/ NetStream and it’s a very light weight adjustment  to the browser cache functionality.

When you trying to fetch an asset or any other file, the library first checking locally for the file. as result, it can reduce the communication with the server to the minimum.

Using this class is very simple. it’s exactly the same as Loader / URLLoader / NetStream. it’s only requires 3 lines of code.