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Adobe AIR Local Cache Loader that will save on the file system and then retrive it from there

It is Adobe Air library written in AS3 for caching content (swf,images,data file) to the local file system.

The library is fully compatible with Loader / URLLoader/ NetStream and it try to be a very light weight version of the browser cache.

By using this class , the content (images/text and video) will be fetch from server once and save locally, Then every time that url will request again the library first check the file system to see if that file exsist on the file system and if so the libary will serve the local file.

As a result, it can reduce to the minmun communication with the server by requesting the same file over and over again.

The usage is exactly the same as Loader / URLLoader / NetStream. it’s only requires 3 Lines of code.

Augmented Reality with Flare3D 2.0:
How to integrate FLAR Toolkit into your Flare3D application.

Full project source code included.

[ Play online ]

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[ Download project files ]

[ Flare3D article source ]

Rally Point 2 slightly demonstrates future of browser-based gaming with Flash Player 11. Try yourself - 6 TRACKS & 6 CARS!

Press release:

“This game illustrates the power of 3D visuals within Flash 11 allowing players running the latest version of the multimedia platform to jump straight into the action without installing any additional plug-ins. Offering silky smooth visuals which were once the domain of home consoles, Rally Point Extreme is the first of many forthcoming Spil Games titles which embraces this new technology.”

“The Global leader in online gaming with 140 million monthly unique visitors, has today unveiled its first Flash 11 browser-based game—offering a thrilling glimpse into the future of browser-based gaming.”

Source: Spill Games Press Center