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“Official teaser-trailer for the upcoming Muscle Jump, a short, immersive Flash 11 experience/game with bluffing graphics, posing as a direct Web equivalent of home videogames”

Btw. 2 million polygons in Flash Player - IMPRESSIVE! :-)

List of Animate CC Tutorials and Resources

This post will serve to collect many of the Animate CC (2015.1) resources in one place.

Photographic shaders for Starling

A couple weeks ago I was contacted and asked to write some filters for Starling that could be used in a mobile camera application. To be honest, I’m not sure what’s become of the app as I’ve lost contact with the developer, unfortunately. A part of the deal, however, was that I eventually open source the filters, so I’m going to go ahead and do that now.

So, to my Starling Filters repo on Github, I’ve now added seven new photographic effects:

  • AnselFilter is a highly configurable way of making black and white images.
  • BleachFilter will bleach the color out of images in a fairly interesting way.
  • BloomFilter a relatively standard bloom effect with adjustable color.
  • LomoFilter does a bit of toy camera/Lomo/Vintage color adjustment.
  • NoiseFilter will add a custom amount of grain/noise to an image. Animating the seed parameters can produce a nice static effect.
  • TiltShiftFilter will produce a decent tilt shift blur. To be effective, this filter requires multiple passes, though, so probably isn’t that useful in performance critical situations.
  • VignetteFilter creates a standard vignette effect with optional sepia colorizing.

Augmented Reality at Coca-Cola Trophy Tour

For the Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour, SIA Interactive implemented several solutions for the event. One of them was an Augmented Reality experience made with Flare3D and IN2AR. In this solution people were able to get photographed grabbing a coke bottle and showed on the screen like they were holding the cup. The participants had the option to share the photograph through social networks.

For augmented reality, SIA Interactive has been using Flare3D and IN2AR, a powerful AR engine that can be used for web, mobile and desktop. Augmented reality demonstrated to be an excellent tool to get improved results and strong customer’s engagement in Marketing and Advertising solutions.