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Actionscript Workers example: Julia fractal renderer

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How we create world’s largest interactive wall

We’ve built an interactive 340 meter long LED screen using Flash and PlayerIO.

We built a simple twitter wall using either a projector or a monitor and build a prototype twitter game using Flash and a PHP back-end (later we change our back-end to Player.IO, more about this later). The reason behind this is because building games in Flash is not only quick and easy, but we can also publish our projects to multiple platforms (web, iOS, and Android) using Adobe AIR. We built the game in AS3 and uses the Vector graphics DisplayList.

Charlie Uniform Tango

Adobe Flash Cross-platform Inspiration:

Same Website & iPad application built with Flash.

About cutango:

Founded in Dallas by Lola Lott and Jack Waldrip in 1995, today charlieuniformtango is one of the most respected editorial and post production companies in the country. We are craftsmen. We are artists. We are storytellers. Our goal is simple – to nurture every project we touch to its full creative and commercial potential. To that end, charlieuniformtango is fluid and ever evolving. Staying ahead of the waves of change in our business keeps us at the top of our game, and ensures that our clients stay at the top of theirs as well.

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Stage3D + Away3D craft demo
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