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Crossplatform Adobe AIR 3.9 app for iOS & Android.

User Interfrace built with Feathers.

About app:

e24cloud servers under your control!

Install e24cloud mobile application and monitor your cloud with mobile devices!

e24cloud application allows you to:
- view the list of e24cloud servers,
- check the current status of servers,
- view servers configuration,
- view server usage graphs.

e24cloud is a scalable and flexible compute cloud at your demand. You can use from 1 to 32 cores and up to 5 TB of storage space. Manage and scale your cloud!

Your benefits:
- zero investment in infrastructure,
- you pay only for the computing power and RAM you are using,
- automate operations using API compatible with AWS
- servers with scalable performance,
- you can adjust the performance of the infrastructure to fit your needs.

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Cross Compiling your ActionScript Starling Games to WebGL and JavaScript

Why have an ActionScript 3 to JavaScript Workflow

The short answer is to give ActionScript 3 developers that have built Starling games a path to JavaScript. Things change fast in the current landscape and there are many new platforms and languages that developers can choose to start a new project. At the least this provides a transition path for those developers building Starling based games.

This is not meant to be a general purpose solution for all AS3 code. In other words not all Flash API’s are implemented in KontikiJS. Having said that KontikiJS is an open source project and people can add any needed functionality.

Vivo Avatar - World Cup Brazil 2014 Avatar

In Brazil some companies are already adhering SEA3D as the main 3d file format for web. This is an project done focusing on World Cup 2014, where you can customize your character your way, using features of Morpher+Skeleton and JointObject of the SEA3D.


From VDO Creatives:

We took advantage of RTMFP sometime back and driven out of sheer necessity being a parent, built a baby monitor.

It has had some good feedback, more importantly, the video mode has been a crucial feature using RTMFP and the app is FREE to download.

Updated 2013-04-30:

The app is built using Flash Builder 4.6 using the AIR 3.0 framework on the custom MVC framework.

It uses a:
  • custom native extension to make calls without bringing up the dialler
  • a native extension to show the battery level
  • a native extension to bring up the contacts on the device.
It also uses SHINE Mp3 Encoder to encode the mother’s voice and save it to the phone among other things.

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