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Stardust particle effect editor


Panorama Converter

Simple tool for a converting any panorama image in cubemap sides.

It’s pretty simple tool. You choose image, wait while it converts and then save it in three different ways:

1) cubemap horizontal layout

2) zip archive with separate image sides

3) zip archive with images for a further compression with ATF converter.

Feathers UI 2.2.0
Major new components and features include:
  • VideoPlayer: A media player with customizable UI for video textures.
  • SoundPlayer: A media player with customizable UI for audio.
  • FlowLayout: A layout that displays items from left to right, creating multiple rows when the maximum width is reached.
  • WaterfallLayout: A layout that displays items in columns of equal width.
  • Iris: A transition for StackScreenNavigator that shows or hides a screen by resizing a circular mask.
  • Wipe: A transition for StackScreenNavigator that resizes a clipping rectangle up, down, to the left, or to the right to “wipe” a screen away.
  • MetalWorksDesktopTheme, AeonDesktopTheme, and MinimalDesktopTheme: Updated to use high resolution textures for Mac Retina displays. Downloadable FLA files are now available for these three desktop themes, so that you can modify them in Flash CC and export a new texture atlas.
  • Feathers UI 2.2.0 also includes many other new enhancements and bug fixes. For complete details, please take a look at the release notes.

This version of Feathers UI has the following requirements:

  • Adobe AIR 18.0 or newer for mobile apps
  • Adobe AIR 3.5 or newer for desktop apps
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.5 or newer for web browser apps
  • Starling Framework 1.7


Hi, my flash brothers!
We need your help. We are working on online project for a real estate and interior design, for two years and we’ve got really amazing results. That project use the latest features of Flash Player and will crucially affect on wide range users stance on flash technology.

It so happened that we need to get out of the unexpected financial difficulties. We would be very grateful for any help.

1. If you have friends, company directors and people interested in investing in IT, please recommend us to them:
AngelList: https://angel.co/realaxy
Demo link: http://bit.ly/13JbWLX
Handbook: http://dl.realaxy.com/handbook.pdf
Video: Realaxy Quick Overview
And contact me, I will give you an additional info

2. If you know any manufacturers or sellers of furniture, appliances, building materials and in general, any goods for home/office, show them our widgets:
for finishing materials and wallpapers: http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2035
for furniture, appliances: http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2054
for lamps, chandeliers: http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2049
All widgets are free.

[ More info ]


Adobe AIR games: Halloween Swipe

We’re proud to present you our new Air game for Halloween seasson available on the appStore, named ‘Halloween Swipe’, it’s a connect and match 3 game with a lot of goals and levels.

The game engine is completelly developed in AS3 and we use several ANEs for tracking, in-apps and ads.


Dynamic fog rendering in stuning MineCraft Explorer demo (Flash Player11, Stage3D).

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