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The Chase 360°

The Chase 360° is a Behind the Scenes Experience. Deluxe. It is based on The Chase which is one of many virals that demonstrate the benefits of Volvo Trucks by conducting various tests.



From Jérôme Birembaut:

This little demo showing more than 300 balls using the new upcoming version of WOW-Engine (AS3 verlet physics engine).

It take advantage of Worker, shareable ByteArray and Mutex.
The Stage3D rendering engine is Away3D.

[ Blog post & demo ]


2012-11-14 added:

Demo showing the brand new SoftBody class included in the new upcoming version of WOW-Engine.

To create a SoftBody, you just need a 3D Mesh with vertices using Vector., the vertices can be unique or not.

Click to add impulse, and move your mouse to interact.

[ Soft Body preview ]


2012-11-17 added:


[ Sphere of spheres ]


PullToRefresh for Feathers

This library aims to provide a reusable Pull to Refresh widget for Adobe AIR mobile. It was based on Feathers (UI component of Starling Framework). The inherited component is allowed to display a “loading” busy indicator at the top of the list and dispatch a event.

Supports for Feathers (Version 1.1)

Currently works with:



Wyraz siebie

Car painter app built with Away3D 4.1 & GaiaFramework


FWA Site Of The Day 2015/05/25: PussyWalk

We created the physically most accurate simulator of being a Czech president. It is a summary of his most shameful statements and acts. Find out how treacherous it is to walk with the infamous “virosis” in veins.


The Next Step in AS3 Framework Evolution

Author of mvcExpress framework presents his vision of next step in AS3 MVC framework evolution.

Writing maintainable software fast – was never a trivial task, but MVC frameworks are here to help us! In this session you will see short reminder of MVC framework history, comparison of coding convenience and performance benchmark results for PureMVC, robotlegs and mvcExpress frameworks.

For those who does not enjoy seeing code or statistic tables as much as running applications, Raimundas will show dungeon editor/crawler to demonstrate mvcExpress modular programming features, designed to save even more time and headaches while developing games and applications.

Adobe AIR apps: Lema'aseh: A Jewish App

Lema'aseh: A Jewish App designed by the Institute for Torah and the Land of Israel

Tech: Adobe AIR + Starling + Feathers + Flash Develop.

ANE: distriqt Compass, milkmangames EasyPush, com GAnalytics.

A unique application that includes everything a Jew needs throughout the day-to-day and throughout the Jewish year:

  • A smart siddur for various traditions.
  • Daily learning on various topics: daf yomi, Jewish philosophy, halacha, and the weekly Torah portion.
  • An efficient system for managing monetary tithes.
  • A prayer compass.
  • A Jewish-Gregorian calendar.
  • A detailed list of the halachik hours of the day, for every city in Israel.
  • Ask the Rabbi: a function that facilitates sending halachik quandaries to expert rabbis from all fields.
  • Halacha calculator: an easy conversion and calculation tool for halakhic portion sizes – length, volume, weight, and more.
  • Synagogue search: a database of thousands of synagogues throughout Israel of all types and a navigation option via Waze.
  • Mivkeh search: thousands of mikvas all over Israel and quick navigation via Waze.
  • Halacha guides: guides for mitzvot and for special days in the Jewish calendar.