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Puppet Soccer Champions

Funny Football in Puppet World. Continue of popular Puppet Soccer 2014 featuring improved graphics, more variable gameplay, new funny power-ups (farty rocket).
It is very easy and fun to play for casual players.

Game features:

  • Over 30 football teams
  • More than 80 cartoon puppets
  • Special power-ups: ice, slime, bubble gum, farty rocket, gypsum
  • Upgrades, achievements, regulary added new players
  • Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device


Honda CR-V is an interactive experience that extends it navigation into the iPhone or the iPad, turning them into joysticks.

Muse’s interactive Panic Station video exclusively premieres on Wired.co.uk

Muse has created an interactive Flash-based lyric video for their upcoming single Panic Station, which is premiered exclusively on Wired.co.uk.

For the interactive version, independent London-based creative agency Yuki took Isted’s work and morphed it into a 3D visualiser, using Away3D 4 and Adobe Flash.

From Yuki Media:

For Muse’s latest single Panic Station Yuki were approached to create an interactive experience to sit along-side the wonderful video created by Deerstalker. In response we produced an interactive 3D visualizer which showcases GPU accelerated Away3D 4 and Flash player 11 loveliness. Various embedded actions within the audio file were used to control the cameras position and various commands for the particles, providing a nice sit back and just watch experience. For users who want to get more interactive there’s also the ability to take control of the cameras pan and tilt at any point by pressing the mouse down and moving around. The end result maintains the feel of your original video a whilst still feeling individual in it’s own right.