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Nape is a powerful, fast, and friendly 2D Rigid Body physics engine for AS3. Nape is open-source and free to use for personal and commercial projects. Available for AS3 through .swc libraries.

[ Nape Physics 2.0 ] [ Samples ]

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Stage3D sample of CoverFlow with much better performance than classic Flash Player 3D.

All source files & assets included!

Adobe AIR apps: Maro by Valamar

Valamar Hotels& Resorts’ little crab mascot, Maro, is now present in a digital form, offering fun & educational activities for kids and parents - perfect for mobile and tablet devices. Designed for children ages 2+, Maro combines picture book with early learning concepts through the gaming experience.

Download: iOS, Android

From Jérôme Birembaut:

This little demo showing more than 300 balls using the new upcoming version of WOW-Engine (AS3 verlet physics engine).

It take advantage of Worker, shareable ByteArray and Mutex.
The Stage3D rendering engine is Away3D.

[ Blog post & demo ]


2012-11-14 added:

Demo showing the brand new SoftBody class included in the new upcoming version of WOW-Engine.

To create a SoftBody, you just need a 3D Mesh with vertices using Vector., the vertices can be unique or not.

Click to add impulse, and move your mouse to interact.

[ Soft Body preview ]


2012-11-17 added:


[ Sphere of spheres ]

Away3D demo: Realtime Diamond Renderer

Away Studios developed a collection of Away3D extensions specifically for the realtime rendering of diamond jewellery. The proof-of-concept was commissioned by well known jewellery manufacturer, and produced as part of a consultancy for the Germany-based digital agency Metrix Internet Design.

The delivery included:

  • Custom reflection map material for simulating internal reflections
  • Post-process glare filter for sparkling effects
  • Post-process lens flare filter for glinting effects
  • Test harness for experimenting with different effects setups

The additional effects methods are due to be added to the open source repo for the Away3D engine here.

Test view of one of the sample rings for the project can be seen here.