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[ Stage3D 360° Panorama Player ]

360° Panorama Player is a Flash/AS3 Panorama Viewer that uses the new Stage3D features in Flash Player 11, it uses graphic card for rendering and that makes it very fast and highly responsive. It supports cube and spherical (equirectangular) panorama images. And you can add clickable hotspots inside panorama to make panorama tours.

It is XML driven player so u can setup your panoramas with just editing the panorama xml file.

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  • High Resolution Theme / Retina Support
  • Dedicated for Mobile / Desktop Adobe AIR apps
  • Four font options, including: Bariol, Glober, Open Sans, Uni Sans
  • Sliced PSD included
  • Full source code included
  • ComponentExplorerDemo included (Flash Builder project)

Minimum Requirements:


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Stage3D - The Demo of 3D Game: Tanki 2.0 (iPad)

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