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This book will present you with a full rundown of all the new features in the upcoming Flash Player 11 runtime. Along with each feature, if applicable, will be a demonstration of how to employ the new feature. There’s also be a short introduction to Flash Player and a chapter dedicated to providing you with additional resources.

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Twitch.tv: Developing of new Flash game by AntKarlov


Catch as many squares as you can by drawing circles on your screen. A game of fast-paced action that will put your nerves to the test.


Beta versions: Flash Player 11.8 and AIR 3.8 released:

  • Recursive stop on MovieClip
    For Flash Player, this feature allows a game developer to effectively pause/stop a running SWF without having to iterate through all of the objects on the DisplayList.

  • Datagram Socket (iOS & Android)
    DatagramSocket APIs are now supported for iOS and Android also.

  • Server Socket (iOS & Android)
    ServerSocket APIs are now supported for iOS and Android also.

  • LZMA SWF support (iOS & Android)
    LZMA compressed swfs can now be packaged for iOS and Android targets and are supported.