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Stage3D on mobile - part #11

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Parse ANE for iOS / Android

Focus on creating amazing user experiences and forget complex infrastructure. Instantly add a powerful cloud database, push notification services, and analytics tracking to your app. Choose from over thirteen native SDKs for mobile, desktop, and IoT devices and discover all that Parse has to offer.

This ANE integrates important aspects of the native Parse SDK that cannot be accessed via the REST API, mainly the push notifications registration process.

Stage3D gift from Jeux De Voiture:

“Working demo of incoming 3D game in flash 11 in which you radio-controlled drive great cars. You will have to fulfill several different type of mission in decor, with cartoon graphics we apply to offer a top game before Christmas. This game requires Flash Player 11 completely if your version of Flash does not update the game will detect it and prompt you to update to flash.

This is a beta demo of the game. Final version will be released on December 5 with more options, more circuit and types of missions.


Native3D is lightweight  3D engine from GameDevelop.
Built on FP10 API, but you can find Molehill version too.

Native3D (using Molehill/Stage3D):

[ Example 01 ]
[ Example 02 ]

Native3d (using only FP10 API):

[ Flat Shading ]
[ Sphere Panorama ]
[ 3D Maze ]
[ Shadows ]
[ TargetCamera ]

Sources available at GoogleCode Repository.