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The Land of the Magic Flute

The Motion Graphic Novel “The Land of the Magic Flute“ is a captivating experience based on Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte”, which offers a playful and engaging pathway into the world of opera.

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Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats

From Jon Alexander:

Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats is one of the Best New Apps in the AppStore starting September 11. We did it with straight-up Flash and Air.

I’ve used Flash since the 90s. So we just used the old school Display List and vector graphics to be able to scale to any resolution. The same exact stuff gets pushed to the iPhone and iPad. We’re amped because that means we’re already set to have crisp graphics for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The vector graphics allowed us to do some shape tween animation that you can’t get with bitmaps for unique stuff like a boiler that swells from pressure.

It’s exciting for us to see Apple take such an interest in our app. And it’s cool to know that it happened with Flash.


The Flash Facebook Likebox has a very similar functionality to the original Facebook Likebox application.

It contains:

  • name & image of Facebook page for this box
  • page visit button
  • users already like page counter
  • clickable profile photos
  • Facebook like preloader

Moreover, you can easily modify look and feel:

  • align to one of 4 sides or put it wherever you want
  • fonts style
  • row and columns count
  • button text

For using this application you need to have PHP with cURL enabled. Preview source and sample HTML and PHP files are included.

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Augmented Reality with Actionscript 3 Demo featuring three projects: the Flash Papervision3D Helicopter, the Augmented Reality Fournitures Application and the AR Business Card.

Adobe AIR games: The Button Game

@Zwick: “1 idea, 2 friends, 3 years, 900 commits, 23.000 lines of code, 1 baby, 2 engagements, 1 wedding, 2 continents and hundreds of hours in development. That’s our game.”

Download: iOS, Android