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“The visYOUalize Yourself site was conceived by BBDO NY with digital production and design provided by Jam3. The microsite and mobile app uses advanced face mapping technology to create a first of it’s kind audio visualizer.The hero faces of the campaign’s four lifestyles were created in a truly groundbreaking way that stepped far beyond the traditional shoot. Shot simultaneously with still and video we used the Kinect camera’s infrared depth sensor to capture and record live 3D video data of each one of our 4 models. This data could then be translated into a real time particle point cloud that actually responds to the music being played on the site or from a user’s audio library on their iPhone or Android phone.Both the site and mobile app offer users a the opportunity of customizing their own visYOUalizer via upload or webcam. Once ‘visYOUalized’ users can share a direct link to their music visualizer or save photos of their highly stylized face.”

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Geometry Arena.

Stage3D game released simultaneously on:

  1. iOS App Store (iPad/iPhone)
  2. Google Play
  3. Facebook

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Fluid Solver + Workers + AGAL

The fluid solver used in the following post is based on Eugene Zatepyakin’s fluid solver, which you can read more about here. Eugene’s version is pretty damn impressive! his Alchemy version while running with 8000-9000 particles performs really well, sitting at about 50% frame budget in scout on my computer. Ever since first seeing the demo about a year ago I’ve wondered how far it could be pushed if it took advantage of Stage3D for the rending and Workers for the processing. Last weekend I had a bit of free time, so I decided to test just that.

The following example uses Eugene’s as3 fluid solver, however I’ve moved the processing out of the main swf and into a worker, which processes the fluid solving and passes back a Number Vector formatted x,y,z,w,x,y,z,w… etc… which is then pass directly into a vertex shader (well actually a number of vertex shaders, as each shader can only control 125 particles, due to the limited number of Vertex Constants). The result is 10,000 interact particles runing at 60fps.

Download source code.


Adobe AIR crossplatform games: FRNZY

FRNZY is a collection of fast-paced, educational mini-games that get increasingly more difficult the longer you survive. A good mix of brainteaser, timed reaction, and manual dexterity challenges come together in a well-polished package with accompanying chiptune soundtrack.

FRNZY’s aim is to promote health and wellness in an unpretentious way through the game’s messaging. Plus, it’s absolutely free to download and doesn’t bug you with annoying ads that disrupt game play.

Each mini-game is served up randomly, without delay, so focus is vital. Reaching the Insane difficulty level with all three lives will separate a causal player from a committed one. Each time you complete a round you bank coins that unlock trophies. In the future, we plan on letting players spend coins they’ve earned on power-ups and additional content.

Tips: Try resting your device on a flat surface while you play for added concentration. Don’t hesitate to use multiple fingers or hands to play a particular mini-game.

Engine/Frameworks used:

ANE’s used:

  • Milkman Games GoViral
  • Milkman Games Game Center
  • Milkman Games Google Play Games



Jamstar Acoustics - Learn Guitar

AdobeAIR crossplatform app for iOS, Android and desktop web browser.

Cross-platform solution that teaches how to play musical instruments. The tech: a patent-pending audio recognition engine that hears users via their device’s mic. Works with any instrument on any device.

Jamstar Acoustics is the most powerful guitar-teaching tool available today. No additional hardware is needed. Using any guitar (acoustic or electric), Jamstar Acoustics’ patent-pending technology HEARS what you play via your device’s microphone and gives you real-time feedback.

Jamstar Acoustics comes with over 90 exciting lessons from basics to soloing, plus learn how- to-play songs from our rapidly expanding music catalog featuring the biggest names in rock including, THE BEATLES, LED ZEPPELIN, GREEN DAY, FOO FIGHTERS, MUSE, EVANESCENCE, R.E.M. and more!



Stage3D Wonderfl: 16383 particles

Use mouse-drag, mouse-wheel or arrows (up/down) for camera movement.


Exciting changes to Flash Professional in 2013

Flash Pro: Faster, more reliable, and more extensible

“One of the key changes in the next version of Flash Pro is dropping support for AS2. As you may know, we introduced AS3 six and a half years ago, and today it is the most widely used language for the Flash Platform. Given AS2’s dwindling usage and misalignment with the future of the Flash runtime such as AIR mobile app development and Stage3D, we felt it made sense to move forward with AS3 only.

[ Source: Adobe Blogs ]