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Life-Size Lionel Messi

Built with Stage3D / Away3D.

Credits: W+K Amsterdam, RESN

W+K Amsterdam:

Lionel Messi today becomes the world’s first true-to-life, living avatar. Bringing to life a player from the most realistic football game ever, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 on the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4, LIFESIZEMESSI.COM is an internet phenomenon that gives fans of FIFA and football across the globe the unique opportunity to intimately interact with one of the world’s greatest footballers.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Resn, LIFESIZEMESSI.COM features a true-to-life Messi avatar - LEO - who is aware of and responds to users. LEO knows you’re there - he looks at you, he follows your movements, he responds to your touch.  He is like a real man just beyond your screen – intelligent, responsive, alive.

The avatar was created from hundreds of high-resolution photos of the real Messi and EA SPORTS 3D scans, which were then projection mapped over 750 ‘bones’ to mimic and reflect human actions, compared to the typical 100 used for most 3D models. These bones, along with a variety of subtle animations blended together through Artificial Intelligence mean that LEO’s actions change based on how you treat him. This brings a hyper-sense of human realism and aliveness to the experience.

Avatar LEO was conceived in Maya, but bringing him to life in a browser environment called for a custom-built 3D pipeline that was able to handle 3D models and animations of unparalleled scale and detail for playback in Adobe Flash. Until now, interacting with a life-size man has never been possible – and that man is the world’s greatest player and football avatar, no less.

Fast Company:

When you’re looking to do some really hot 3D, it’s easy to land on Flash as your technology of choice.



From Distriqt:


Our latest ANE has just been released! DeviceMotion extension which forms the replacement for the Gyroscope extension orientation information. With Quaternions as the main output you’ll be guaranteed to avoid the Gimbal lock problem!

The extension is a complete rework of the sensor fusion algorithm used in the Gyroscope and is much more reliable for device orientation.

If you had previously bought the extension package we’re offering this extension for free. Just contact us with the email you used to register and we’ll sort you out.


FoxADHD Face GIFer

A feature of continual, simplistic entertainment, the Face GIFer (complete with hidden games and over 200 options) allowed users to make their own customized face GIF in the unique style of ADHD animation.

Source: FWA Submissions


Feathers 2.1.0 - New stable version

The latest stable build of Feathers, version 2.1.0, is now available! Major new components and features included.



Flash Runtime 18 has been released!

We’re half way through 2015 and we’ve seen significant progress with the Flash Runtimes. Since January, we’ve had 7 Flash Player and 5 AIR releases and over 25 different public beta updates! In that time we’ve made hundreds of bug fixes and implemented important new features requested by the community, like VideoTexture and iOS 64-bit support.

It’s time for our next major update of the Flash Runtime. We’ve hit version 18 and we’ve got some great new features in store for you! We recommend that everyone take a few minutes to read our official release notes but please feel free to read past the break for a high level description of what’s included in Flash Player and AIR 18.