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From VDO Creatives:

We took advantage of RTMFP sometime back and driven out of sheer necessity being a parent, built a baby monitor.

It has had some good feedback, more importantly, the video mode has been a crucial feature using RTMFP and the app is FREE to download.

Updated 2013-04-30:

The app is built using Flash Builder 4.6 using the AIR 3.0 framework on the custom MVC framework.

It uses a:
  • custom native extension to make calls without bringing up the dialler
  • a native extension to show the battery level
  • a native extension to bring up the contacts on the device.
It also uses SHINE Mp3 Encoder to encode the mother’s voice and save it to the phone among other things.

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“This is the video game we will make in the book, step-by-step. It is an arcade-style 3d action shooter "bullet-hell” game with thousands of moving objects, complete with a gui, player input, timers, animation, combos, health, sound, particles and more.“

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