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Adobe AIR games: Isolade

Enjoy this fast-paced blend of action and strategy—inside an electrifying nanoworld of chemical elements!
Wielding a swipe-controlled gamma ray, use your speed and smarts to isolate the hyperactive particles in the smallest-possible spaces.
As you advance, discover tougher gameplay, snag cool power-ups, and score achievements. But don’t get too comfy! Each level has its own special mix of particle behavior, gamma-ray speed, and extras!
Beware! These particles get dangerous if you don’t get them under control fast enough!
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“Above, you can see a 3D game using the Unreal engine and looking great. What’s interesting is that the control system, which floats in the air in 3d is actually created in Flash Professional.  The power of the Scaleform tools means that these SWFs can be tessellated (vectors to triangles) and run directly within the 3D engine.”