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Notifications ANE

There is a new PRO Native Extension available! Simple notifications can be integrated into your android app with Notifications ANE released on my page. Extension is very tiny. It supports delivery of notifications and opening an app on user click. Future versions may include additional features as well as iOS support.

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What Color Is This? from Nico Troia:

I’d like to share with you an app I built using Flash, Robotlegs, Starling and FeathersUI.

It was built primarily to learn the platform and to create a simple mobile framework for myself. The app is called What Color Is This? and it utilizes CameraRoll and CameraUI to load pictures, count pixels, and display a name result!

Source code is available online on Github.

FlashDevelop improved Flex support

Stage3D gift from Jeux De Voiture:

“Working demo of incoming 3D game in flash 11 in which you radio-controlled drive great cars. You will have to fulfill several different type of mission in decor, with cartoon graphics we apply to offer a top game before Christmas. This game requires Flash Player 11 completely if your version of Flash does not update the game will detect it and prompt you to update to flash.

This is a beta demo of the game. Final version will be released on December 5 with more options, more circuit and types of missions.


Adobe AIR: Bit Torrent ANE

BitTorrentANE is an open source Adobe AIR OSX and Windows native extension for building bittorent enabled applications.

It uses the robust C++ library from libtorrent.org.

  • Supports Magnet uris
  • Supports .torrent files
  • Supports DHT, PeX and LSD
  • Supports “fast resume”
  • Sequential downloading
  • Filetype prioritisation (together with sequential this allows “streaming”)

Full source code for both the ANE and example client supplied