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Sentinel Game Framework

A modern ActionScript 3 game framework aimed at developing games using Starling and Box2D.

Graphics & Events with Starling

Sentinel is built on top of Starling’s display and event architecture, allowing you to tap into GPU accelerated rendering power offered by Stage3D.

Wrappers for the display classes are found in sentinel.framework.graphics.

Physics with Box2D

Box2D is the underlying technology used to simulate physics in your game world, providing the perfect environment to handle collisions between your game objects.

Wrappers are found in sentinel.gameplay.physics.

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Stage3D in Brief

Stage3D API is a part of Flash API since Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR 3.2 release. It is built on top of OpenGL and Direct3D APIs to give you a crossplatform access to the GPU. Stage3D API supports: OpenGL, Direct3D9, Direct3D11. It means that each gpu call is translated for the running device and shader bytecode is compiled into the native shader language for the current device. The name “Stage3D API” means the bunch of classes in Flash API for working with GPU. Stage3D class gives you an access to Context3D which represents a rendering surface.

FPNativeUI ANE library: ForceTouch (iOS)

function gestureActivatedHandler(event:FPGestureEvent):void
var gesture:FPGesture = event.gesture;
trace(’——– viewGestureActivatedHandler ——–’);
trace(’ target:’, event.currentTarget);
trace(’ gesture:’, gesture);
trace(’ state:’, event.state);
trace(’ numberOfTouches:’, event.numberOfTouches);
trace(’ touch:’, gesture.touch);
trace(’ force value:’, gesture.touch.force);

Frog Flick

Frog Flick for Android/iOS was built with Starling and FeathersUI. It integrates with the leaderboards, achievements and In-App purchasing of both Android and iOS. Also, user’s can share high scores via Facebook and Twitter.