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Simple tool to sync webcam and projector. Essentially allows your code to “see” things from projector perspective with no special webcam placement.

In action:

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File Chooser Air Native Extension for Adobe AIR

FileChooser is a very easy to work extension to let you choose a file from your sdcard to be able to use it inside your Air project. you can use the choose method and pass the type of file you need by passing its mimetype. */* for example means any file in any extension! but image/* means any image file while image/png means any png image file.

Game Brokerage

Game Brokerage is a marketplace where Game Publishers & Developers connect to license Flash & mobile games. Our market supports Flash, iOS, Android & HTML 5 games, both exclusive & non-exclusive licenses!

Polar Dash

A simple endless runner developed over a weekend for the Ludum Dare contest.

Integrating Starling and Away3D

Learn how to layer 2D Starling content together with your 3D content using new features in Away3D 4.